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Liv Montgomery, the eCommerce GalWe all know that succeeding in any career requires great speaking skills. Whether you are interviewing for a new job, working on a promotion, giving a toast, leading a meeting or persuading a customer, your speaking skills will set you apart.


All great leaders and speakers have one common trait: they developed skills by studying the “greats” that went before them. Although we admire great speakers and orators, none was born with the ability to inspire from the platform.


Instead, what makes a good speaker great is access to excellent training materials and studying the best of the best. Bill Clinton studied Jack Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Tony Robbins studied Zig Ziglar and worked for Jim Rohn to learn his craft. Even President Barack Obama was influenced by speaking legend Ronald Reagan.


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Along the way, you will also get access to powerful articles from speakers who have shared the stage with US Presidents, won Emmy awards and hosted television shows on topics such as:


· Draft a perfect outline


· Add humor to any topic


· Develop confidence from the platform


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