Conversion Marketing: Convert Website Visitors to Buyers

Turn Browsers Into Buyers, and Customers Into Evangelists for Your Brand In the Google Era of Sales, just a few seconds is all you get to capture the attention of your prospects, convince them of your “It” factor, and get them to hear you out. If you’re not gut-busting funny, mysteriously credible, or just plain […]

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Sheer Poetry: Composing Text, Email & Social Posts for Epic Effect

by Bryan Heathman Have you ever gotten an electronic message and wondered when the author was going to get to the point? It hurts, doesn’t it? It’s not that they were trying to waste your dwindling time with turgid prose reminiscent of Longfellow’s epic Song of Hiawatha. It’s just that you simply couldn’t fit their […]

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Like A Song On the Radio, Make Your Words Unforgettable

by Bryan Heathman Your tone of voice can have a greater impact on your powers of persuasion than the words you use. There’s no doubt that your voice is a powerful instrument. But what are you doing to control it? There are distinct methods to make your message as haunting or as catchy as a […]

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Body Language

Decoding Body Language: What You’re Secretly Communicating About Your Leadership

What are you saying with your body language, without speaking a word?   Like it or not, your non-verbal communication is painting the big picture of what you say, far more than your words.   Imagine a time before the spoken word, thousands of years ago when cavemen relied on gestures and eye contact for […]

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How To Speak with Anyone: 3 Tips for Getting Your Point Across Clearly

by Bryan Heathman   Who is the most effective conversationalist you know?  What makes them stand-out in the crowd?   Public figures like Cicero, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan live on today because of their verbal prowess. They knew how to move nations with their ideas.   In communicating your ideas in a conversation, […]

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A Leader’s Communication – 3 Tips for Converting Hearts & Minds with Words

by Bryan Heathman   Increasingly, as the shrinking world encroaches on that endangered species known as Attention, the need to influence – and to influence quickly – grows more urgent all the time.   Whoever said, “Talk is cheap” obviously wasn’t sending a text message to his teenager. The price of Attention grows more precious […]

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Standing On the Shoulders of the Giants In Your Industry

What does it take to become a legend in your industry, someone whose legacy will live on for the next hundred years and beyond? What does it take for your life’s work to have meaning outside your own backyard – to transcend the here and now? How can you leave a legacy for those who […]

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What To Communicate When You’re Communicating

by Bryan Heathman   Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have all the answers? No matter what the topic is, they always seem to communicate their opinion with ease and style.   They can sit down at a table in a fancy Italian restaurant and order with the ease of cable news […]

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The 4 Components for Developing an Epic Brand

by Bryan Heathman   “What we learn only through the ears makes less impression upon our minds than what is presented to the trustworthy eye.” ~ Horace   Wherever you are, whatever professional path you’re pursuing, you’ve got to come across to the people you want most to reach. If you want to have any […]

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Personal Branding

Are You Coming Across? The Truth May Surprise You

by Bryan Heathman   What is the power of having a personal brand? And why does this matter to you?   Just as a corporate brand is often the literal heartbeat of a company, your personal brand is at the core of how people remember what you are about as a professional.   I may […]

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