The Inclusion/Exclusion Principle of Branding

When did you attend your last professional networking event? It was probably not too long ago. From holiday parties to corporate mixers, we’ve all been there. Mixing and mingling is what it’s all about, getting to know interesting looking people around us, meeting new colleagues, letting our hair down and finding glamorous new opportunities. Ah, […]

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Creating Desire: The Heart of Branding

People make buying decisions with their hearts and try to justify those decisions with their heads. Yet true desire can’t be rationalized. How many times have you yourself said, “I dunno… I just WANT it!” Brand advertising takes an otherwise ho-hum product and incites a burning passion in the buyer’s mind. The product becomes associated […]

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Could Your Brand Inspire A Gold Rush?

Have you ever experienced the frenzy of a gold rush? I have, so let me tell you a story of what it is like to experience the exhilaration of a gold rush! My experience was not a gold rush in the traditional sense. You see, a traditional gold rush looks like this… I live in […]

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Aspirational Branding-What does THAT mean?

Let’s start by defining a prestigious brand. Does your brand promote a feeling of Aspiration? Better yet, does your brand have what it takes to kick start a movement? How are you creating prestige for your brand, and what are you doing to influence your buyers? Aspirational brands appeal to people who desire something better. […]

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Leverage – The Secret to Reinforcing Your Brand Recall

Is there some secret branding sauce you can slather onto a marketing message that is otherwise dry as toast? Does your brand need to be as searing as a blacksmith’s red hot poker, scorched into the buyer’s mind? Does it need to be cooked up over some sorcerer’s caldron during the dark of the moon […]

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Branding for the Big Bucks

Where could your business go if you released your limitations? With the right kind of branding, you can break through untold barriers and realize your professional dreams. But what exactly is branding? Your branding is the way people perceive you and your mission – whether it’s your company, your personal career branding at work or […]

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Techniques to Break your Business Goals into Manageable Steps

Techniques to Break your Business Goals into Manageable Steps What’s your long term business vision? Whether it’s becoming fully self-employed, opening a retail outlet, or tapping into an international ecommerce market, the logistics of turning your vision into a reality can seem overwhelming to say the least. Big goals like these don’t happen overnight, and […]

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Falling In Love With Your Future

Is there a secret formula for Leadership? No, it’s not really a secret. Being an exceptional Leader requires passion, commitment and intuitive vision. In a word, it takes heart. If you have a passion for the thrill and independence of being a Leader, plus you have the commitment to follow through on that passion, here […]

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Integrity-Who is Watching?

Integrity means aligning your actions to be consistent with your internal framework of principles. Integrity is a state of wholeness. This is a good thing. It makes for happy circumstances. The power of Integrity is evident when you realize that everything you do and say is guided by this internal framework. When you recognize it […]

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” ~Mark Twain If you are in a Leadership role, giving a presentation, or talking in front of a group, then you know how hard it can be at times to get your ideas across. Winning over your audience can be tough, especially […]

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