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Leading the Pack 3-pack

What do you have in common with West Point graduates, NFL players, and Fortune 500 CEOs? You too can learn effective leadership principles from two New York Times bestselling authors. John C. Maxwell will eloquently guide you on a journey through the five levels of relationships, capped with eight ways you can win with people. […]

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What is Leadership? 10 audio CD collection with 2 bonus DVDs

   In dog sledding, they say unless you’re the lead dog the scenery never changes. But what is leadership? What is a leader? Whether you want to successfully lead a team or lead yourself, you need to be clear on these definitions. What Is Leadership? is a multisession leadership retreat in a box. Why spend […]

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The Power of Winning 11-pack

With The Power of Winning, you’ll hear firsthand what drives high-performing competitors. These engaging stories and strategies for success are provided by today’s top experts on winning, from New York Times bestselling authors and sports luminaries to other successful people who have bucked the odds to achieve greatness. You’ll also develop the core skills of […]

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