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Big Exposure for Authors – Trade Publication Reviews

Of all the tactics an author can use to become noteworthy, getting your book reviewed by the New York Times is right up there. A thumbs up from the likes of Publishers Weekly or the Library Journal is not just some stroke for the author’s ego. It can translate to big bucks in terms of […]

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Book Publicity Media Kits – The 5 Essential Elements Journalists Need

Successfully marketing your book basically means letting people know that it exists. After all, you wrote down your best ideas so that others would read and enjoy them. Getting more book sales translates to more people sharing your best ideas – fact or fiction— and benefitting from them. As the person who’s primarily responsible for […]

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How to Write a Press Release for a Book Launch

For authors seeking that elusive “best-seller” status, self-promotion can be your best tool for driving laser sharp traffic and increasing book sales. Of all the self-promotion options available, distributing press releases is probably the most overlooked method. It’s unfortunate because it can be highly effective – especially if your press release is picked-up by a […]

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