The Two Most Important Training Elements – Selling & Leadership

Without a doubt, there are two elements that all successful people share. If that is true, and it is, then shouldn’t we seek the same knowledge and training if we want to be successful too? Of course. It makes sense, doesn’t it?



Well, then what are these two elements of knowledge? The two elements that all successful people share are Leadership Perspective and Selling Success. If was John C. Maxwell who said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” And, Zig Ziglar expressed, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.”



Let’s take a peek at these two elements and see how they fit in with our lives. Let’s start with Leadership. We are all leaders. No, you may not lead an organization, a department, or a social club, but you are still a leader. The first person you lead is yourself and from there you lead the people around you.



In his book, Spiritual Leadership, J. Oswald Sanders defines leadership with one word and one word alone. That word is “influence.” The truth of the matter is that we all influence people every single day. It may be as simple as influencing your co-workers on where to eat lunch today or as important as influencing your 15 year old daughter not to get on drugs. We are all leaders…and it is vital that we improve and increase our influence for the sake of not only ourselves, but more importantly for all the people around us.



The second element is Selling Success. This is one where many people get confused. You may be thinking, “Mark, I’m not in sales. Don’t even want to be. Nothing against salespeople, it just isn’t my thing.” Well, let me correct you right there. Selling is your thing. That is, if you want to be successful. Listen to Zig’s words again, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” We sell every single day. No, you may not be in the world of selling as a career but you still sell. We sell ourselves, our ideas, our beliefs, our knowledge, etc… If you can’t sell these things, then nothing happens in your life. You are like a boat on a lake with no oars. You get pushed and shoved by the waves of life with no control, no direction, and no focused success.



Earlier, we said that leadership is “influence.” Couldn’t we say the same thing about selling. Think about that teenage daughter pondering about taking drugs. Doesn’t it take a selling influence to persuade her not to walk that path? Parents are some of the most influential sales professionals on the planet.



Now, let’s talk just for a moment about the people who are in the world of selling as their career. Our whole economy is based on selling. Successful selling creates growth for a nation. We, as a nation, need to be grateful and appreciative for our sales professionals. In a very real sense, we all have jobs because someone went out there and sold something.



How do we get out of a recession? How do we create more jobs? How do we springboard this economy? By taking unnecessary regulations off the back of American business’ and by training effectively at least 4 million sales professionals throughout the nation. I can help us with that. That is what I do. I train leaders and I train sales professionals. That is my contribution to the marketplace. And I am committed to doing everything I can to increase my influence in these areas. So, let me close today with two questions. Where is your influence? And, are you willing to commit to increasing that influence? Now, go out there…and make it happen! God bless you!


How do you define “leadership?”  Research shows that the average manager will burn-out in 2 years and resign from their position. 

So what’s the cure?

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