Wendy Hearn

Wendy is a coach, strategist, writer, entrepreneur, speaker and principal of Wendy Hearn Coaching, an international coaching company.

She works with business owners, leaders and executives who want strategies to be successful, move to excellence and achieve profound breakthroughs.

Wendy is passionate, inspiring, enthusiastic and her contagious energy makes her fun to work with. She’s a catalyst who brings out your answers, insights, thoughts and ideas. Wendy believes in taking a simple and basic approach so that you can experience the success you want taking the quickest and easiest route.

She writes numerous articles, is a regular contributor to many publications and publishes her own newsletter, ‘Empowering You’, read by over 8000 subscribers. Wendy has also written and sold information products such as ebooks and ecourses.

She has the number 1 coaching website in Google, Yahoo and MSN worldwide, and this was achieved with her extensive internet and marketing experience. This website generates hundreds of dollars of passive income alone. Working with one client she recently produced over £10,000 in online sales in a month.

Wendy has received awards for her work. At the Women in Enterprise Awards 2001 she was named Small Business Consolidator, sponsored by Barclays Bank plc and The Millennium Woman as the candidate who has made an outstanding contribution to business and who encompasses the role of an enterprising woman forging success in this Millennium. “Wendy exemplifies the successful modern business woman: driving her business forward with a clear vision, inspiring others to do the same and providing an excellent role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.”