Create Your Past

by Chris Widener

Today is the day to create your past!

“Umm, Chris, don’t you mean today is the day to create your future?”

No, I mean exactly what I said. Today is the day to create your past.

Let me explain. I did not say today is the day to relive your past. That would mean sitting around thinking about the things that have already happened and things that you can do nothing about. You can’t change them. They are done. They need to be let go.

“Okay, I’m confused. What do you mean then?”

I am talking about creating your past! You see, most people talk about creating their future, and in a way, that is what I am talking about here. You see, Tomorrow is in your future. But two days from now, Tomorrow will be your past. It will be your yesterday.

So, every day that we live is both our present, but also what will be our past tomorrow.

For example, many people lament their past. They say, “Oh I wish I would haven’t done such and such.” Or “I was such a failure. I did this and that and it was so bad.” What they fail to realize is that they should stop reliving their past – their yesterdays – and start creating the past they will relive tomorrow.

So, if you sit around and moan today about your past, then tomorrow you will look back at today and say, “Yesterday was such a waste. I blew another day.”

But if, instead, you work your tail off today and accomplish something, then tomorrow you will look back at your immediate past – your literal yesterday – and you will say, “Boy, I really accomplished something!”
And if you string enough of those together, pretty soon your past will be looking pretty good. And a pretty good past will propel you to a pretty good present, which will in turn be the platform for a pretty good future.

So what can you do to create an incredible “past?”

Live for today. Do not relive yesterday. Do everything you can today to make it an incredible day. Whatever you would like to look back on tomorrow and see as your accomplishment, do today.

Understand that just as your current past took time to develop, your future past will too. So you have a few years of bad past behind you. Who cares? Do the right thing every day and you will one day look back and see that you have a great past developing.

Some may say I am arguing semantics. I am not. This is one of the mysteries of living in time and space. Our future, given enough time, will actually become our past. So no matter what our past is currently, we can change it because each day we live, we see our past grow. What we do today literally creates our past! That is a powerful concept when we grab a hold of it!

So, do you find yourself focusing on your past? If so, take the time today – show the will power and discipline – to create a day that tomorrow you will look back on and be proud of! You can literally create tomorrow’s past and make it everything that you want it to be.

Someday you will get to the end of your life and you will have only the past to look at. The beauty of this concept is that if we are proactive, we can do things today that will guarantee that on that day our past is everything that we want it to be!

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