Five Attitudes that Will Make You Soar with the Eagles!

by Chris Widener


Chris Widener Speak Shot

There’s an old saying that goes, “It’s tough to soar with the eagles when you’re surrounded by turkeys.” In your search for excellence, make sure you’re not one of the gobblers keeping the eagles grounded. It might  be time for an attitude check.


Understand this: Much of your world, and your experience in it, is a direct result of the attitude you choose to have about it. Let’s break down that statement a bit.


First, we’re talking about MUCH of your world – not ALL of it. Even so, this gives us each a pretty good opportunity to decide how we want to experience life.


Yes, there are some things that just happen by chance, and there is nothing we can do about them. In spite of this fact, much of the world we live in is not made by happenstance. It’s determined by the attitudes we take on.


Second, your attitude is something that you choose. It’s not something that’s thrust upon you.


If things aren’t going your way – if you’re grounded by turkeys – you don’t have to have a sour attitude. No one says you have to have a chip on your shoulder. You do not have to be sad or angry. You do not have to believe that you are incapable of achieving success. We can choose at any moment how we believe and how we interact with the world.


Third, our experience is a direct result of our attitude.


If we have a bad attitude toward someone, what kind of attitude do you think we are going to get back? Success is built on relationships, and you can start enjoying more success today simply by lightening up a little.


Since our attitudes determine to a great degree what kind of life we have, shouldn’t we focus on cultivating the best attitudes and making them ours? Absolutely! If we want to soar with the eagles in this life, and if there are attitudes that will make us soar, shouldn’t we pursue them with all our hearts? By all means!


With that in mind, here are five attitudes that will make you soar:


1. “I can.”


This is the most basic of all attitudes. We simply must choose to believe that we can. In our home, we are not allowed to say, “I can’t.” We may say, “I’ll try,” or “I tried and failed,” but not “I can’t.” Telling yourself that you can’t will make it so you can’t. Telling yourself that you can will enable you to achieve much more. With a can-do attitude, you’ll see opportunities that you might otherwise miss. Even if you actually only achieve 50% of what you tell yourself you can achieve, you will achieve at least that much more than if you told yourself you couldn’t.


2. “I will be generous.”


Another attitude that will make you soar is to be a generous person. The attitude and discipline of generosity increase your likelihood of success for two reasons. One, you are happier about yourself, and that puts you in a state of mind that is prepared for successful living. Two, people pay back others who are generous. Generous people receive in kind, and that will raise you to levels yet unseen.


3. “I will make a difference in the lives of those around me.”


People who soar are generally people who have the attitude of helping other people. Yes, they may help others for monetary gain, but they are focused on the welfare of others. They want to change the way people live and experience life for the better. This is what I know to be true about the attitudes of the genuinely successful.


4. “Not much will make me angry.”


Whether or not we get angry is a choice. In any given situation, we determine whether we will be angry or even-handed, depending on the perspective we choose about the circumstances. I have found that often I meet with someone who is struggling with achieving something, and in many cases I find that they are angry people. They have held onto an attitude that is at its root angry.


When we take on an attitude that raises the bar for what will make us angry, we are positioning ourselves to be in a state of mind that is better able to live and work in this world in such a way as to achieve success. This isn’t about repressing emotion. It’s about taking the high road, taking personal responsibility for your attitudes, and feeling a whole different set of emotions as a result.


5. “I will look for the good in every situation.”


This is basic optimism, pure and simple. Successful people who soar through life are those who are optimistic about life. They see the good, think the best and strive for greatness, believing all the while that they will achieve it because it is possible.


I suppose there are a few other attitudes that would make you achieve all that you dream of, but these are the basics and ones that we would do well to master first.
Where do you see yourself? Do you need an attitude adjustment?



Make these attitudes your goal and as you get them you will watch yourself soar!



Chris Widener is a popular speaker and author who has shared the podium with US Presidents, helping individuals and organizations succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams.