What Happens When You Think and Act Big

by Chris Widener

There are a lot of people out there who wish big things would happen to them. They want the big career, they want the big sales, they want the big deals. For most of them however, these things will never be more than a wish. You know, you have heard them, “I wish that I would…”

And that is exactly what it is – a wish.

Then there are those who do big things. What is the difference? What makes them doers rather than wishers?

Is it thinking big? I have heard that before. That is part of it. But there is more.

Is it acting big – that is, taking big bold actions? That too is a component.

In fact, the key is to combine thinking big and acting big. And when you do, you will see all sorts of big things happen. Here are just a few of the big things that take place when you think and act big.

Big Possibilities Arrive. When you think big, big possibilities arrive on your doorstep. You begin to see all of the potential and possibilities that you can live out. First, they do come to people who think big and take big actions. Secondly, you are able to see the possibilities better when you think big because now you are looking for them. When you were a small thinker you didn’t even see the big possibilities that walked up and hit you on the head. Are you a big thinker and doer? If you are, you will get more possibilities!

Big People Help. I have found firsthand that when you step up to the plate, big people help. You see, heavy hitters don’t waste their time with people who are trying small things. They work with people who want to play in the big leagues. I have seen so many big name people step up to help me, just as big name people helped them when they were just starting out – and have opened doors for me I never imagined. Are you thinking big and willing to act on it? If you are, you will see big people step up to help. For another article on how others can boost your career, read my article “Bring On the Boosters” at:

Big Things Happen. Big things don’t happen to small thinkers. When we become people who think big and take big actions we see big things take place in our lives. I have found that the bigger I think and the bigger bites I take, the more big things come along. For example, 10 months ago, I didn’t even know the NY Times Best-selling author who is now writing the foreword to my new book. I thought big, and acted big and when one of the biggest publishers in the world called me to write a book, I stepped through that door. Then weeks later, I got a call saying that one of the foremost experts in the world in leadership and motivation would write the foreword to my book – all unsolicited. I didn’t ask the publisher and I didn’t ask the author. Believe me, big things just happen when you are thinking big!

Big Dollars Come. In the end, the dollars come to those who do big things. I am having meetings now talking about dollar figures that I only used to dream about. What would have happened had I thought small? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Instead, by thinking big, and taking big actions, I have seen big dollars start rolling my way, with more to come. Do you want big dollars? Then think big – and act big – then they will come your way.

Big Contributions Are Made. Ultimately, my biggest goal is to make a contribution to others. The fact is that I can’t take any money with me when I die, but I can leave a legacy behind. Big thinkers and doers are the ones who make big contributions to those around them and leave lasting legacies. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream all right, and he made a significant lasting contribution for millions of people. What would have happened had he not thought big? All of the major contributions that are made in our world are made by big thinkers. No one ever accidentally made a huge contribution to society. They thought big, acted big, and delivered!

I want to challenge you to think big – but first I want to challenge you to start by thinking “bigger.” Just start at a bigger place than you are right now. You don’t have to change the world right now – you can get to that later. But make it your commitment to think bigger starting right now. What is a dream of yours? Now think bigger.

And I want to challenge you to act bigger. What are you doing right now? Now act bigger. No matter what you are doing now, do more!

Think bigger, and act bigger – and you will unlock the door to big things in your life!

Chris Widener is a popular speaker and author who has shared the podium with US Presidents, helping individuals and organizations succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams.