Online Business Promotion

Get found on Google!


This 16 audio collection with supporting Workbook on PDF will help you create websites that sell.  Turn your business into an online Money Machine and learn foolproof marketing techniques. Includes 16 30-minute programs and a bonus PDF workbook.


Worldwide, there are well over 6,000,000 online searches every month for eCommerce with over 33,000,000 search results. In other words, there are a whole lot of people and businesses looking to make money through online business promotion, or eCommerce.


At no other time in history has it been easier for anyone and everyone to market to the entire planet. With great training, you can reach those big dreams.


But you have to know how to approach the field. You can’t just blindly throw together a website and hope to attract visitors or potential buyers. Learn how to turn today’s dreams into manageable goals and produce tomorrow’s results.


This program includes four modules:


1.  eCommerce Start To Finish:  all you need to know to set-up an ecommerce store on your website.

2.  Internet Money Lifestyle:  how to approach making money online.

3.  Social Marketing Media to harness Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

4.  Multi-Media Marketing:  learn how to use YouTube videos to your advantage


Join the author Liv Montgomery for a fun and fanciful look at the world of Online Business Promotion. You’ll be so glad you did!


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