Investing & Wealth Management 6-pack DVDs

Video Motivation from Top Financial Experts

Ever wished you could take time away from scratching out a living to attend the in-person seminars led by the nation’s top investment gurus and financial speakers? With Investing & Wealth Management on DVD, you’ll have dynamic video access to seven of today’s most influential wealth coaches. Whether delving into the millionaire’s mindset or offering specific tactics for targeting investment opportunities, the Investing & Wealth Management video suite offers hours of inspiration and practical tips to amass and maintain an enviable portfolio of equity. Investing & Wealth Management on DVD: the best seat in the house, providing a private audience with America’s premier financial consultants. 

Featured speakers in these 6 DVDs include Mark Victor Hansen, Toni Turner, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor.

DVD 1: Susan Defour- The Basics of Beating Wall Street
DVD 2: Jim Rohn- Financial Independence & Goal Setting
DVD 3: Brian Tracy – How to Get Rich in America
DVD 4: Bob Proctor – Power Principles for Creating more Wealth
DVD 5: Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen – Cracking Your Millionaire Code
DVD 6: Robert Helms – Equity Happens!  Strategies for Successful Investing