What is Success? 13-pack featuring Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Kevin McCrudden

What is Success? Success is a journey, not a destination, and it is measured by far more than money and mile markers. But what is success, really? How do you know whether you’re on the right path? What is goal setting, and why set goals? What is motivation, and how do you stay motivated?


How do you define these factors? Better yet, how do you know when you’ve “arrived”?


Join top experts with various viewpoints on the subject of success and chart your course to a better life. In this program, you’ll learn how to define the factors of success. You’ll learn the most reliable, easy-to-understand motivation theory, and you’ll learn what it takes to write and use vision statements that work. You’ll also be able to hypnotize yourself to achieve any goal—starting today!

Let this troupe of New York Times bestselling authors help steer your course to success in school, business, and family life.

Contents  Includes: 

CD 1  What to Do When it Isn’t Working by Bob Proctor

CD 2  Law of Abundance by Jack Canfield

CD 3  Success Training by Kevin McCrudden

CD 4  Consciously Designing and Achieving Your Financial Freedom by Loral Langemeir

CD 5  It’s Possible by Les Brown

CD 6  P.T. Barnum’s Rules for Success by Larry Iverson

CD 7  What Makes the Great Ones Great by Don Yaeger

CD 8  Success is an Attitude by Pamela Jett

CD 9  Intense Focus by Laura Stack CD10 Focus for Success Performance System by Liv Montgomery

CD11 Focus for Success Hypnosis System by Liv Montgomery

CD12 Top 7 Personality Challenges by Dawn Jones  

BONUS DVD:  Building Winning Relationships by Zig Ziglar