Work Happier: Inspiring an Engaged Workplace By Julie Ann Sullivan

Work_Happier_by_Julie_Ann_SullivanThis live presentation of “Work Happier: Inspiring an Engaged Workplace” is instructive and inspiring. The listener is given practical methods and new approaches to situations that will allow a happier environment, at work, at home and at play. All of life is interconnected. What affects one part seeps into the others. In addition, research shows that happier workplace environments are more productive, safer and profitable.

Julie Ann Sullivan presentation helps create a workplace environment where people are productive, engaged and appreciated. Many people consider her “a revolutionary.” Julie Ann teaches that when people are given a new way of thinking they have a better attitude towards work and life.

This audio is filled with a good measure of motivation and humor. Her ideas will build a positive and productive environment into every business.

“I found the training informative and inspiring. I felt like it was a combination of The Secret and Think and Grow Rich. I was on the edge of my seat as if the seminar was taught by the likes of Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor or John C. Maxwell. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring individuals!!!”

-Kelly Russell, Program Administrator, City of Pittsburgh
Department Personnel & Civil Service Commission


“Regardless of the mood you enter the presentation with, you’ll leave with a different attitude about your ability to work happier. Julie Ann provides practical tips to help energize your team. One of the secrets I walked away with was the fact that “your attitude starts with you.” Contact Julie Ann. It may be the way to turn your team around.”

-Don Accamando, Military Program Director
Duquesne University, School of Leadership and Professional Advancement