Audiobook Recording Program
Partnered with Ingram

Made For Success Publishing Audiobook Production

Made for Success Publishing is a preferred partner of Ingram for audiobook recording and production. As an Ingram partner, we prepare the final audio files to CoreSource Plus specifications, to seamlessly integrate your audiobook recording into your workflow.

Made For Success Publishing is an audiobook recording studio based in Seattle, with thousands of audiobooks on the market. Since 2005, Made For Success Publishing has been recording and adopting technologies in the rapidly growing audiobook industry. Publishers worldwide work with Made For Success Publishing to convert frontlist and backlist catalogs into audiobooks.


With an in-house studio and a network of proven narrators, certified to meet stringent quality performance standards, we record and produce the final audio product. The audio engineers and production teams ensure these standards are met on each recording prior to finalization. 


Recording with Professional Voice Talent 

Studio rates are $350 per recorded hour for professional voice talent. These Narrators have over ten audiobook productions to their credit.* Choose the gender, age profile and any special accents required for each book, then select from a variety of pre-recorded samples provided. We record the audiobook to meet high standards of excellence, then perform a word-for-word quality assurance edit prior to releasing the audiobook for distribution. 

​ *Premium voice talent and multi-voice performance available upon request.