Audiobook Distributors

Audiobook distributors specialize in developing worldwide distribution for an audiobook recording. Made for Success Publishing started audiobook distribution in 2005 and quickly developed into one of’s top 10 publishers.

Today, we distribution audiobooks in 5 unique formats:

  1. Digital version sold on leading audiobook retail sites like Audible and iTunes
  2. Physical Audio CD in retail packaging geared towards bookstores
  3. MP3 CD
  4. Library configuration in a re-usable clamshell case
  5. For popular audiobooks, they are pre-configured on MP3 players (primarily used with military)

We don’t stop with simple retail distribution. Your audiobook will be included in a seasonal catalog, which is sent to thousands of audiobook buyers in over 17 countries.

Made for Success Publishing provides a broad range of services, ranging from in-house recording studio recordings to hiring a broad selection of voice talent with thousands to choose from. We publish your audio content with top retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, Audible and many other leading retailers. Our job is to make your Audio Content available across the globe to well over 85% of retailers selling audio products.

Made for Success Publishing has distributed thousands of audio recordings into digital audiobook distribution and to our corporate licensing partners. We have extensive experience with audio recordings, creating professional recordings from your book.

The technology of audio delivery is advancing rapidly and we make it our business to stay on top of the latest distribution technologies. Our pre-production formatting of your audio program will ensure a great listener experience and seamless integration to retail catalogs.

Here is what can deliver, depending on your project:

Hire professional voice talent to record your audiobook.

Provide audio engineering services, complete with music interludes.

Record a customized “outro message” to encourage listeners to call or visit your website.

Distribute audiobook to all leading digital download stores (iTunes, Audible,, etc.).

Each quarter you will receive a royalty check and a statement (industry leading rates on digital sales).

The licensing term is 5-years and is non-exclusive. So if you choose to sell your audiobook rights to a major publisher, you have complete freedom to do so.