Book Marketing Resource for Authors

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

When planning the launch of a book, there are a myriad of details to manage. This is a collection of invaluable resources for authors to use as samples and templates to manage a book marketing campaign, organized by book marketing expert Bryan Heathman, author of #1 Best Seller: Book Marketing Reinvented.

The book marketing tactics included here are described in detail in the book #1 Best Seller in comprehensive detail, if you have an interest in step-by-step details on how and when to implement these tactics during your book launch.

Press Release

When launching your book, an effective method of creating awareness is writing and circulating press release. For more detail, here is a helpful article on the process of writing a press release. Below are links to samples you can use to model your press release. Winning an Award

Keyword Research

Creating an inventory of keywords relevant to your book release in an excellent method of generating organic search to your book release. Here is an example of a keyword research study to use as a model for organizing keywords associated with your book release.

Media Kit

When requesting media appearances on radio and television stations, it is a best practice to create a Media Kit to tell the media producers what you have to say. Radio broadcast veteran Scott Hogle created a great example of a media kit which you can preview here.

Book Trailer Video

A book trailer video is typically a 30-90 second overview of a book, designed to get readers excited to read the book. Online video expert Dan Portik created this book trailer video to promote his book release.

Book Poster

Creating a book poster to post in bookstores and book signing appearances is an excellent method to introduce your events to readers. Use this book poster as a resource to model to promote your upcoming book release. A best practice is to create a “white space” at the bottom of your poster to include details of your book signing such as “Author Signing October 24 at 3:00pm.”

Social Media Posts

Creating a clever social media post to promote your book can be highly effective in letting your contacts know about your book release. Here is a sample of a highly effective social media post created by Scott Hogle to promote his book Persuade.

Blog Tour and Podcast Tour

Planning a virtual tour to high traffic and influential blogs and podcast shows is one of the most powerful forms of book marketing. When embarking on a tour, it is suggested to do research to find high traffic blogs or podcast shows. Use this resource to plan your research when organizing potential bloggers and podcasters to approach.

Book Contests and Awards

Getting an award for your book is some of the best press you can obtain for your book. Read this article on the process of applying for awards, complete with links to apply for an award.

May your book marketing efforts be met with great success!