Made for Success Publishing Author, Dr. Allan Colman, Published on Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions

Dr. Allan Colman, a regular contributor to Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions, has written a serious critique of Law Firm Leadership. In his recent article “Revenue Growth and Firm Leadership – What’s Missing?” he focuses on the absence of leadership that could overcome what the firm is missing in the marketplace.

In the latest Made for Success Publishing’s anthology, CRAZY IMPACT, Colman points out “the major problem we see on an ongoing basis is the absence of holding people accountable for results. And building sustainable revenue growth is the key to rapidly growing ROI.”

Those who can have the most influence in turning this into productive revenue are firm leaders. In addition to refining the roles and requirements of firm leadership, they must begin to take a more active role in generating revenue themselves.

In a review of CRAZY IMPACT, Bryan Flanagan, CEO of the Flanagan Training Group said, “Leaders never graduate from leadership. CRAZY IMPACT provides you with usable lessons to drive crazy results.”

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Dr. Allan Colman, CEO of The Closers Group, is a consultant, speaker and author. He is an expert in business growth and leadership for law firms and a foremost authority on exceptional leadership with attorneys and managing partners.