On Becoming an Idea Factory…and Communicating Ideas to Millions

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

As a publisher, I work with a wide array of professional speakers, some of the best in the business. Frequently I hear from the platform ideas and philosophies that are what I call “truisms” and have been used over generations. If you’re in the information business, you probably know just what I’m saying.

Many messages you hear from thought leaders resonate with the ring of truth today, just as those same messages rang true when I was starting my career – and even when my dad was starting his. The fact is, what holds true today also held for decades.

I love the Personal Development business, always have. I developed my career on the finest morsels from the likes of Earl Nightingale and Zig Ziglar. While other coworkers were watching “Cheers,” I was engrossed in Zig’s tales about The Redhead on cassettes and Nightingale’s inside wisdom about The Strangest Secret on LP’s.

These gems from seasoned professionals sparkled brighter than most, both in terms of their business acumen and personal philosophy. Even so, what they had to say wasn’t entirely original.

What makes their messages compelling – the reason they have stood the test of time – is the unique point of view of the presenter at that moment in time. No one else could say it the way they did. Today’s speakers package their messages in innovative ways which are relevant to the times. For example, today’s hottest speakers are using video channels, podcast shows and live social media broadcasting methods to be relevant to their audiences.

The legends in this business are stewards of ideas, not owners. They are the keepers of the light, a light that has been passed down through the generations in the form of their words and writing. Each one has added his or her own unique perspective.

What makes these ideas powerful is their application to daily life. What makes it relevant for you is your ability to apply them to your business and pass them along to others, leaving an exceptional legacy.

From Idea to Action

The reason to publish a book and speak is to spread the wealth – the wealth of ideas. We have the power to shape others’ lives with the words we choose. But the words are not enough in and of themselves. We have to influence others to act, motivate them from within to make a significant change. It starts with touching their philosophy.

How we look at things matters. Our philosophy is the cornerstone for our actions, and our actions determine our results. Nothing in the world existed until the idea of it first took hold, and the idea moved into action. So if we want to improve our results, we have to look at our philosophies-the core of what we believe.

Even this idea isn’t new. It’s ancient, and it applies to everyone.

Choosing Your Platform

During the past 40 years, a significant amount of research has been conducted on the topic of communication. This research can be a treasure trove if you apply it strategically.

We know that everyone is different. We all have a unique perspective because we have different experiences, different points of view, different philosophies. Our perception of the world dictates our beliefs.

Our learning styles have a significant effect on our view of the world. There’s always one style of learning; visual, auditory, kinesthetic that is stronger than the rest, and that means we rely on it more than the others. With each of these types, your message has an opportunity to reach an entire market segment you might otherwise miss, just by changing the modality of your presentation.

If you’re speaking to a group, the segment of the audience you’re reaching most effectively is probably the auditory learners. However, this too is determined by your style of speaking.

Let’s explore some new ideas:

Are you including material that’s engaging – such as animated gestures, professionally developed slides, video or adult coloring books? What are you doing to reach the rest of your audience?

Consider this trend – corporate trainers and speakers are discovering that retention of new information increases 62% when you engage multiple senses. Early adopter speakers are developing adult coloring books to accompany their keynote speeches. As people listen and color, they will recall more of what is said. Imagine how a CEO can use this technique to help employees retain the corporate mission and core values.

You can communicate your ideas in a variety of ways. Blending your research and case studies is one method of delivering unique conclusions. Others may take advantage of storytelling, using the power of the parable. If you cannot find a compelling example, crafting a parable is another method of presenting your point of view.

You may be missing a whole segment of your market if you are only pursuing one style of communication. If you are speaking, you will do well to offer resources for a deeper dive into your ideas, such as a book or an audio program. Choosing only one form of content delivery reduces your ability to reach a larger percentage of your audience. Explore ways to engage using more than one learning modality and significantly increase the longevity of your message…and your legacy.

Bryan Heathman is the CEO of Made for Success Publishing and the author of #1 Best Seller: Book Marketing Reinvented, a book for authors with his best-selling book launch formula. Bryan’s Fortune 500 experience includes Microsoft, Eastman Kodak and Xerox.