Optical Delusions in Deadwood – Audiobook by Ann Charles

Optical Delusions in Deadwood 3DSomeone is spreading rumors around Deadwood that Violet Parker likes to chat with dead folks. — With her reputation endangered, her bank account on the verge of extinction, and her career at risk of going up in flames, Violet is desperate.

When the opportunity to sell another vintage home materializes, she grabs it, even though this ”haunted” house was recently the stage for a two-act murder-suicide tragedy. — Ghost or no ghost, Violet knows this can’t be as bad as the last house of horrors she tried to sell, but sexy Doc Nyce has serious doubts.

Her only hope of hanging on to her job is to prove that the so-called ghostly sightings are merely the eccentric owner’s optical delusions. — But someone–or something–in the house wants Violet stopped . . . dead.


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