Why Naked Women Look So Good

by Bill Perkins


The magnetism a man feels when he sees a woman’s body, that sensual urge, the surge of adrenaline, dopamine, and endorphins, isn’t only given for a man’s gratification, but to be channeled by a man to love his wife.


In this ground-breaking Book, best selling author Bill Perkins identifies eight reasons why men are attracted to a woman’s beauty. But he goes much further.


Each answer to the question, why do naked women look so good, also reveals a woman’s fundamental need and helps a man know how to meet that need. By identifying eight vital needs of a woman, and showing a husband how to meet them, Perkins provides guidance to help a man become irresistible to his wife and for living more creatively and sensitively.


Chapters are organized into three parts for easy reference.


1.  The first part provides one reason why naked women look so good.

2.  The second part identifies what need this reveals in a man’s wife.

3.  And in the third part, simple steps are provided to help a man love his wife in a way that strengthens her self-image, builds her confidence and allows her to more freely give herself to her husband—both emotionally and sexually.


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