Draft a Book in Paradise

Take all the guesswork out of the equation of writing. If you’ve had the desire to write a non-fiction book or tell your story, yet been paralyzed with the thought, Where do I even begin? You’ve come to the right place. Finally, a writing system for non-fiction authors that takes you through a step-by-step system for writing using the Hero's Journey writing framework.

What is Draft a Book in Paradise?

The Draft a Book in Paradise system is the perfect writing retreat for the writer who wants to get started with expert advice on every aspect of writing and publishing. This 2-day consulting event is held beautiful Hawaii and is hosted at the iHeart Radio station, complete with media and speaking training. The event is designed to stimulate your creativity in a relaxing environment while enjoying local cuisine. We guarantee that your writing will be shaped into a book with bestselling potential.

We’ll equip you with essential knowledge and practical tools needed to take all the magnificent ideas in your head and organize them into an easy-to-implement writing plan.

This Package Includes:

  • Audio program to prepare your mind to think like a writer
  • How to choose from the 12 most popular styles of non-fiction writing styles
  • Expertly crafted Table of Contents
  • How to overcome the dreaded “writer’s block”
  • A writing plan organized into short assignments
  • Targeting the perfect audience of readers
  • Story inventory template
  • Writing examples and illustrations
  • Workbook with exercises to brainstorm and document your ideas
  • Full Developmental Edit
  • Bi-weekly calls with your editing team

No detail is left to chance. After years of guiding authors all around the globe through this non-fiction writing system, we’ve literally thought of everything.

Copy Editing

The Made for Success editing team will complete a full edit of your manuscript. You will get a markup to your manuscript with notes from one of our editors on how to improve your writing.

Review of Your Big Idea

The Made for Success editorial team will review your Table of Contents and make recommendations based on what we know about how books are bought and sold.

Developmental Edit

Your editing team will complete a comprehensive Developmental Edit, helping structure ideas and flow of thought with the goal of creating a book with bestselling potential. We want you to start strong and will ensure you are on the right path, right from the beginning.

Want to learn more?

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about our Draft a Book process.

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