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Made for Success offers an expedited, success-driven program for ambitious authors that wish to launch a book that achieves superstar status.

Our expert team has a proven track record of ensuring that our authors repeatedly triumph in the competitive market of book sales.

This service is perfectly tailored for authors who want to publish their books with every possible advantage.

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Below you will find an exhaustive list of everything we do to make your book rise above the rest.


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Copy Edit

We will perform a full copy edit of your manuscript to ensure smooth readability and flow.

Proof Edit of Layout

We will also perform a top-quality proof edit to verify that your manuscript does not contain any grammatical or spelling errors.

Book Cover Design

Our team will produce a book cover design that will catch the eyes of your prospective audience.

Interior Layout

Throughout the interior of your book, we will provide up to 10 graphics to create a pleasing visual experience for your readers.


Our studio is equipped for industry-leading audiobook production. We’ll produce and master your audiobook for distribution on Audible and other listening platforms.


Author retains the Copyright and the book is registered with the Library of Congress.


The production of your manuscript will include full development and distribution of a digital eBook version across all major eBook retailers.


Made for Success will make your book available in classic paperback format on major marketplaces (Amazon), ensuring that it’s readily available for purchase by physical retailers and readers alike.

Global Distribution and Sales

Our proven experience has earned us valuable connections with the best distribution partners in the industry.

Made for Success Imprint

Shared by the likes of Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins, the Made for Success imprint is a seal of approval that separates your book from others in the marketplace.

Marketing Campaign

Promotion of your book is essential to success. Our process includes seven marketing meetings that take you through a highly refined marketing launch sequence for your book.

10 Free Copies

As part of our publishing package, you will receive 10 copies of your book to use for whatever you may desire.

Social Media

Social media plays an integral role in the successful promotion of your book. Our graphic design team creates everything needed in order to stand out.

Amazon Optimization Suite

Success in book sales hinges heavily on your presence on Amazon. We have perfected strategic approaches to maximize the power of Amazon Advertising, Amazon Author Central, Amazon SEO, and earn your book an A++ Listing.

Amazon #1 Best Seller Campaign

This is where the rubber hits the road. The Amazon #1 Best Seller Campaign is our own proprietary process that guarantees the achievement of the Amazon #1 Best Seller status for your book.

Weekly Sales Report

Once your book has been successfully launched, we will provide weekly sales reports that showcase your stellar performance.

The Made for Success
Publishing Process

Introductory Call with Full Publishing Team

We place great emphasis on showing our authors exactly who they will be working with. You’ll meet the entire Made for Success team on an introductory call where we both can get to know each other better.

Scheduled Calls with Expert Guidance

Publishing a successful book requires us to stay in lockstep together each step of the way. We’ll have routinely scheduled calls to collaborate, review priorities, and implement our publishing plan.

Getting Published

Getting a finished manuscript that’s ready to be published is a key milestone. We’ll make all of the key preparations leading up to publishing to ensure that your book is set up for success.

Marketing Launch

Once your book is published, we will transition into the execution of a robust marketing strategy that begins driving book sales immediately.

Distribution & Sales

As your marketing campaign ramps up, we will continue to optimize our distribution and sales path. At the end of each week, we will review a sales report breakdown highlighting your success.

Author Success Stories

We’ve had a proven track record of success with each of our authors. Here are a couple of our recent authors that have achieved best seller status.

Todd Stottlemyre, former MLB pitcher and 3x World Series Champion, is the author of The Observer: A Modern Fable on Mastering Your Thoughts and Emotions.
His book outsold the competition so well that the Wall Street Journal awarded The Observer the #2 best seller status a mere 27 days following the book’s launch.
The Wall Street Journal recognizes Sam’s book as a best seller in addition to the author winning four literary awards for his work.

Profile of Made for Success Authors


Most frequent questions and answers

Owning your own copyright protects your valuable intellectual property. We will register your manuscript with the United States copyright office. Most importantly, you will retain ownership to your copyrighted work to use in future workshops, speaking engagements and consulting endeavors.

A book without the proper distribution to booksellers, with sales representation is doomed to have thousands of copies sitting in your garage. Our sales network is geared for success, with a dedicated team calling on corporate headquarters of major retailers, exhibiting at indie bookseller trade shows, calling on large library districts and attending library trade shows.

Your physical book will earn a 50% royalty rate, based on the net receipts of the book. Your digital book derivatives such as the eBook and audiobook also earn a 50% royalty rate. As we are 50/50 partners in the success of your book, Made for Success authors have the assurance that your publisher is motivated to sell as many books as possible.

Each book in the Made for Success catalog gets the royal treatment. We pitch to major book buyers monthly on new releases and will give your book the opportunity to shine. Each buyer for chains like Barnes & Noble will make decisions to stock your book. Your book is guaranteed to have a perfect product listing on retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Audible and more. Indie bookstores and librarians make many of their buying decisions at trade shows, so we attend dozens of shows per year to pitch Made for Success new releases.

The Amazon Optimized Publishing service includes a robust marketing strategy that extends through your book’s Amazon listing, your email list, and your social media accounts. Specific details will be developed in a series of seven meetings with a Made for Success marketing team.

The editing, publishing and bestseller marketing package is only $4,166 per month (6 months, $25,000 total).

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Tell us about you and your big idea!
Fill out the information below so a member of our publishing staff can reach out to you. Time to turn on the spotlight!
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