Financial Sites You Want to Know About

by Chris Widener

Many people wonder what kinds of references I use to manage money over the internet. The fact is that there is just a lot of great resources out there and now, more than ever, the average person can get to information that was once just the bastion of top level money managers and financial insiders – and all with the click of a mouse. So here are the sites and newsletters I use to manage finances. I want to be clear that I receive no remuneration for any of the sites I recommend here! This is simply what I use.

First, let me recommend the financial newsletters that I pay for. They are so good that I am willing to spend my hard earned money for them as opposed to the ones I get for free (some of the ones I get for free I would pay for too, but they haven’t asked yet!). I get two letters from the same company. The first can be found at This is the Cabot Market Letter and it has done great for me. They keep a model portfolio and they give specific buy, hold, and sell recommendations. This makes it easy. You can get a free trial for a few months for a nominal amount. I highly recommend it. They also produce an “Internet Stock of the Week.” This isn’t for the faint of heart, though, again, this has done well for me. You can try it free and then a year is about $300. I have more than made my money back in just a few weeks!

Other resources I use for my own information and decision-making are as follows:

* Don’t let the silly name fool you. This is the real place to start for TONS of information.

* Another great site!

* This site is loaded with info on Internet Stocks. They have a free newsletter.

* Another good site. They have free and for pay newsletters, depending upon what you want.

* This site is for the technically minded. Lots of technical analysis here but very helpful in seeing where things are going.

* This is a good all around site that gives you a lot of information for free.

These are the basics.

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