Book Launch with Full Publicity Package

Your book will be set-up for success from day one with a team of Sales, Marketing and Distribution specialists to major retailers

We know you want to make a big splash with your book release, and the Made for Success team will orchestrate a program that has proven successful for getting merchandised in brick & mortar bookstores, including Barnes & Noble and airport gift stores. Backed by a sales team of experts, we will sell your book to bookstores around the world.

Your book will be set up for success from day one, represented by the Ingram Publisher Services team of sales, marketing and distribution specialists. Your book will be sold by a sales team to the 38,000 retail locations currently selling books in North America:

  • Brick & Mortar Chain Stores like Barnes & Noble
  • All Online Booksellers 
  • Independent Booksellers
  • Specialty Stores
  • Academic Channels
  • Libraries
  • Audiobook Stores
  • And more!

Your book will be supported with a publicist, social media firm, traditional advertising in trade-magazines (Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus) and a variety of customized marketing services to ensure your book meets the goals created to support your Marketing Strategy.  

Your book will be supported by a Publicist that has a specialty in promoting non-fiction books in prestigious media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, Forbes, Inc., Fortune, SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, and hundreds more.

Knowing that your book will be reinforced by media platforms, we spend the time to ensure your book is supported by high-level endorsement and foreword requests. We implement a systematic approach to sending requests to celebrity authors and athletes in the Made for Success network, along with high-profile leaders in your personal network.

We know you’re busy, so our team will focus on your social media feeds with relevant posts generated to drive book sales. 

Bringing all this media coverage together during a concentrated period of time is used to quickly and uniquely build your brand. Between the media exposure, awards won, and your best seller status, we will help to generate important professional credentials that are second to none. We know that these credentials can be used to further your standing amongst your competitors, which is essential to winning if you are in a highly competitive industry such as professional services, speaking, or consulting.

Sign-up below to schedule a consultation and receive an overview of what is included when you purchase the Book Publishing Freedom offering with full-service Marketing launch. We will evaluate the release for publication under the Made for Success imprint by preparing an Editorial Review, where our editors produce a technical review of your manuscript along with a comprehensive recommendation, all at no charge to you.