Leadership Success Series

Leadership Success Series featuring Zig Ziglar, Dr. Sheila, Chris Widener and Brian Tracy

The Leadership audio 4-pack series will help you learn how to distinguish yourself from the pack and to achieve the height of your leadership potential. Four of the world’s foremost experts on Leadership will show you how anyone can develop the skills of influence, persuasion .


  • The keys of influence are in your reach.
  • Learn how to capitalize on the skills developed by successful leaders.
  • Learn how to manage a team through Change, one of a Leader’s toughest challenges
  • Learn how to inspire others to take your lead.
  • Leadership: The Critical Difference by Brian Tracy
    • Join one of America‘s premier speakers on the subject of human potential, as hailed by more than two million people in 23 countries worldwide. Subjects include truthfulness in all things, commitment and responsibility, single-minded concentration, and extraordinary performance.
  • Making a Difference: 12 Qualities that Make You a Leader
    • With a PhD in Communications, this Publiic Television host offers real-world guidance to a client list readking like a global Whos Who of business and Government. Subjects include creating a Mission that matters; the secret to build charisma; and Leading when the pressure is ON!
  • The Foundation for Successful Change by Zig Ziglar
    • Author, international speaker, and personal development trainer, this versatile authority is considered the leader in motivational coaching and personal growth. Subjects include failure as an event – success as a process; hope as activator; how to do something now!; and radical changes in minute steps.
  • Winning with Influence: Becoming a Person Others Want to Follow by Chris Widener
    • Subjects include the two most important pieces to influencing others, Aristotle’s The Three Keys to Persuasion, verbal and non-verbal communication, and influencing with listening skills.