Top Ten Ways to Increase Your Influence

by Chris Widener

1. Maintain impeccable character – make your character one that others know and trust.

2. Develop your skills to excellence. In everything you do, make sure you are a person of excellence.

3. Help others in all that you do. Make sure that you are a win-win person who does things so that everybody can enjoy the fruits of the victory.

4. Be successful at what you do. Success is the ultimate influencer. If you are successful, others will want to learn how – and they’ll listen to you!

5. Speak well. Speaking is a powerful tool of influence. Speak well and you will attract others to you – and to follow you.

6. Go the extra mile. Don’t quit at average. Go further than anyone else. Make people know you will give them more than they asked for.

7. Be known as the “go to” guy. Let it be your name that people think of when they need something done. Develop the reputation that you can and will get the job done. This will attract people to you like flies to honey.

8. Be generous. Give to others. Help others. Let others succeed, make money, and gain recognition.

9. Know more than others but don’t be a know-it-all. People will come to you if they know you will have the answer. They won’t if you arrogantly remind them that you have all the answers!

10. Deliver the goods and get the job done. No excuses, get the job done. That’s what counts. That’s the language people speak. Period.

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