Winning Strategies 15-pack

Motivation & Inspiration from Professional Athletes, High Achievers and Success Coaches

With Winning Strategies on 13 audio CD’s, you’ll hear first-hand what drives a former Navy Seal, an NFL quarterback and other successful individuals and acclaimed athletes to greatness. From overcoming adversity to finding motivation, the Winning Strategies audio suite offers hours of inspiration and practical steps towards reaching your personal best, in the board room or out on the field. Featuring 2 bonus DVD’s, and comprising a faculty of international speakers, world renowned athletes, and leading executives, Winning Strategies on audio CD functions as proactive master class for achieving your highest potential.  Featured speakers include John Maxwell, Chris Widener, Vince Lombardi Jr along with exciting CDs from a former NFL quarterback, a former Navy Seal, an ESPN X-Games Champion and sports psychologist Denis Waitley.