Are Your Sleep Habits Affecting Your Weight Loss?

by Greg Landry

I know that it may seem a bit too simplistic to assume that a change in your sleep habits could aid your weight loss efforts. However, let’s take a look at this. Follow my logic – backwards:

1. I believe that developing helathy eating habits are much easier if you’re exercising five to seven days per week – consistently. Healthy eating habits promote weight loss.

2. Exercising five to seven days per week – consistently, is a major component of a successful weight loss program

3. Most people who are successful at exercising five to seven days per week are morning exercisers. Read my archived article – “Top 10 Reasons to Exercise in the Morning”.

4. Many people find it difficult to consistently wake-up early to exercise, often because they have not slept enough and because they don’t wake-up at the same time every day.

5. Many people don’t get enough sleep because they find it difficult to get to sleep early.

6. Just think about how your weight loss situation might change if you were able to get to sleep an hour earlier every night, wake-up at the same time – an hour earlier every morning, and spend that hour exercising.

Awhile back, we had a discussion about this in one of my newsletters. Within a few months of that, I received about forty email messages similar to Jennifer’s:

“Greg, I have to tell you that I was a skeptic. I didn’t really think I could do this, or that it would really help my weight loss. I’ve rearranged my evenings, watch a little less TV, and I’m very careful about getting to sleep on time (well, most of the time). Getting up at the same time every day has really helped too. My exercise and weight loss have been very consistent. Thanks for all the tips.”

Fort Worth, Texas

Can you alter your sleep habits and be more consistent with your exercise and weight loss? Give it a try!

By Greg Landry, M.S., Exercise Physiologist

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