Investing & Wealth Management 15-pack


It’s a multi-session investing seminar in a box!


Secrets from Top Financial Coaches, Authors and Experts


And with Investing & Wealth Management on thirteen audio compact discs, you will have unlimited access to the worlds top investing coaches anytime you want.


From early retirement to financial freedom, the Investing & Wealth Management audio suite offers hours of motivation and practical steps to power-up your influence while creating multiple streams of income and improving your wealth mentality.


Featuring two bonus DVD’s covering financial independence and Wall Street investing, and comprising an award winning faculty of international speakers with their own rosters of Fortune 500 clients, Investing & Wealth Management on audio CD is the self-paced, proactive methodology for taking control of your finances and planning your future.


•CD 1: Bob Clyatt- Work Less Live More: The New Way to Retire Early
•CD 2: Robert Allen- Creating Multiple Streams of Income
•CD 3: Brian Tracy- Twenty-One Qualities of Self-Made Millionaires
•CD 4: Chris Widener- Finding Financial Freedom to Ensure a Fantastic Financial Finish
•CD 5: Mark Victor Hansen- Living Your Dreams
•CD 10: Max Jaffe- The Status Trap, are You Rich or Are You Wealthy?
•CD 11: Sandy Botkin- Under Paid and Over Taxed
•CD 12: Sherrin Ross Ingram- How to Develop a Wealth Mentality
•CD 13: Bob Proctor- Multiple Sources of Income, Positive Expectations
•DVD Bonus 1: Susan Defour- The Basics of Beating Wall Street
•DVD Bonus 2: Jim Rohn- Financial Independence & Goal Setting