Goal Setting and Achieving

Krish Dhanam is a premier trainer for Ziglar Training Systems and is respected globally for outstanding programs that provide in-depth formulas to advance human achievement.  Goal Setting and achieving is one that has helped thousands of people all over the world for three decades.  This audio series outlines in detail the reasons people don’t set goals and then focuses on the specific steps that a person needs to grow through in order to qualify his or her goals.

Utilizing his own personal goal setting story, Krish Dhanam shows you how to set and achieve your dreams by committing to an organized goal setting program.  In addition, the program walks you through the seven steps involved in setting a goal.  Filled with practical insights into the goal setting methodology that made Ziglar Training Systems successful, this program also makes a contribution to goal achieving, which is the phase in success when everyone needs to work on sustaining the momentum already created.