The Made For Success

Audiobook Recording Program

Turnkey audiobook narration with worldwide distribution.
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The Audiobook Program:

Made for Success Publishing is an audiobook recording studio based in Seattle, with thousands of audiobooks on the market. Since 2005, Made for Success Publishing has been recording and adopting technologies in the rapidly growing audiobook industry.

This Package Includes:

  • Your choice of narrator 

  • Professional narration in state-of-the-art studios

  • Word for word proofing

  • Worldwide distribution

  • Social media assets

  • Enhanced royalties from Audible

  • New release catalog to thousands of buyers

  • 50% royalty rate

  • Non-exclusive 5-year term

  • You retain the copyright

  • Available everywhere audiobooks are sold


Top Narrators

We work only with the absolute best and most accomplished narrators.

High Fidelity

Success and quality go hand in hand. Your audiobook recording is held to a stringent quality standard.

Record of Success

We have a track record of success with all of our audiobook authors, setting the bar for the industry.

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Trusted Audiobook Narration and Distribution

Audiobook distributors are not created equal… with enhanced sales coverage, marketing and top-tier negotiated rates, your audiobook will enjoy more earnings than other audiobook distributors. Discover why bestselling authors worldwide trust Made for Success to distribute their audiobooks.

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