Every best-selling book had an editor in the background who meticulously checked and double checked the manuscript until it was perfect. Your book will be no exception to the rule.

If you are like most authors, you’ve spent countless hours editing your manuscript, but you aren’t sure if it’s quite ready for it’s time in the spotlight.

“What if I missed something?”

“What if I’m blind to something because I’m too close to the manuscript?”

“What if the way I wrote this only makes sense to me?”

All of these thoughts are common to authors who are wading through their own words.  Sometimes all you need to breathe easy is a second pair of eyes to look at your work objectively and give honest, professional feedback. Other times a detailed edit is required to make it shine. 

With several editing programs to choose from, your manuscript will soon be edited to perfection and ready to publish.


Our editors will comb through your manuscript and make sure that all the little things we often glance over are corrected. We check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar to make sure you and your book are presented as professionally as possible. We also read your manuscript in its entirety to ensure the flow of thought is consistent and cohesive.


This next level of editing brings critical thinking and big picture framework into the process. As the author, you work hands-on with the editor as they comb through your manuscript and look at the organization of content, relevancy, individuality, and the “grasp-ability” of your intellectual property—all while keeping your unique tone of voice in mind. The editor takes what we call a deep dive into your manuscript, helping you differentiate yourself from the crowd and craft stories that linger with your reader long after they put your book down.